John Hansen Artist


John Hansen Artist

Quality and the representative style are the basis for choosing John Hansen to create a commissioned portrait painting

1: Consultation

As a client you will be assured confidence in meeting with the artist, John Hansen, in the approval process, and in the financial details as Loch Gallery will coordinate all of this with you.

2: Creating the Concept

The portrait artwork will exemplify a representational figure, usually 3/4 length, in an interior scene. A suitable and agreeable theme will be conveyed through various compositional and the possible additions of symbolic and individualized elements.

3: Photography Sitting

In order for the concept of the painting to be realized a photography session will take place to document the reference resources.

4: Portrait Fees

A standard commission procedure is usually followed though it is possible to set up a payment plan to suit your needs through Loch Gallery. Prices are subject to change and will vary based on size and complexity of the painting project.

5: Painting the Portrait

Full attention will be given to the highest standards of sound craftsmanship in skillfully representing the subject(s) in oil paint on a wood panel. A portrait commission will receive the time it needs to be completed based on realized expectations and on giving the client the best possible in a rewarding artwork.

The client's and the artist's satisfaction are the primary goals.

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