John Hansen Artist Privacy Policy for Website Visitors

Please be assured that this website should meet all your requirements for safety and security of your data and personal web browsing

Here are the details of the privacy policies on my website.

Contact Form

On the contact page. Your email and any content you send within the message will not be stored or shared by me except for any normal personal exchange through email communication. Your contact information privacy will be fully respected.

Theme Mode

A single cookie is set for your choice of ‘dark’ or ‘light’ theme mode for the view setting for this website. It is stored within your own browser and does not go beyond that. Clearing your browser data and cookies will delete this token.

Google Analytics 4 (Tag Manager)

This is similar to Google’s use of tag manager. Here is the explanation from Google:

"In order to monitor system stability and performance, Google Tag Manager may collect some aggregated data about tag firing. This data does not include user IP addresses or any user-specific identifiers that could be associated with a particular individual. Other than data in standard HTTP request logs, all of which is deleted within 14 days of being received, Google Tag Manager does not collect, retain, or share any information about visitors to our customers’ properties, including page URLs visited. Learn more about our use of Google Tag Manager data in our terms of service.

There are no third party trackers, ads, or monetization.

You should feel fully confident in the security and privacy within your viewing and interacting with my website.

Thank you,